Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Team Lunch and Puppet Show

I'm running a little behind on some of my content.  Here's some highlights from a team lunch from Tuesday (day 2).

First off, I have to say how refreshing and satisfying it is to see how well our entire India IT organization works together as a common team.  These folks are supporting many different US based teams, often in groups of 3 to 8 India resources.  Each of these 3 to 8 person teams partners with its own team in the US, so while they all essentially work in the same org structure, there's plenty of opportunity for cliques to form.

The team lunch was a lot of fun, with everyone from the India team present.

This photo is of Krishna (one of the gals on the BI team) and I in one of the motor rickshaws that was inside the restaurant.  Note that I plan to ride in one of the real rickshaws this weekend, plenty of video and stories to follow:

And here's a shot of the puppet show from the lobby of the restaurant (my apologies for the over exposure due to the windows):

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