Monday, December 3, 2012

Day One Complete

I had a great day at the office today.  The primary goal of this trip is to meet in person with the India team, discuss short and long-term strategy, especially in regard to our Business Intelligence Center of Service, and plan the strategy for handing off some web and integration applications which would be better supported by the India development teams.

Our India office has something close to 150 IT resources that are dedicated to the needs of our company's Enterprise Resource Planning related solutions (we have about 2,500 total employees in India).  My immediate team has four members in the India office.  Only one of those folks have had the opportunity to visit us in San Diego, so getting to meet the remaining three in person was a big positive.  While I do get to meet with these folks over the phone on a regular basis, nothing beats being able to meet in person.  We were also joined by three Application Admins and four additional BI resources from associated teams.  So, we had a large group today.

The team was nice enough to present me with some flowers at the beginning of the day (pictured in my temp office):

Over the course of the day we were able to discuss long term roadmaps, drill in to project details, and share feedback and recognition of all the great things our India team members have been providing to our customers.

Tonight will be a quiet night at the hotel, dedicated to getting some sleep and getting my internal clock aligned to India time.

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