Thursday, December 6, 2012

Funny Rickshaw Story

For those who might not be aware, these small motor rickshaws, better known as autos, are everywhere here in Hyderabad.  Whether you're seeking transportation for yourself, or your entire family, these guys can make it happen.  Here we see an auto (not my photo) carrying a reasonable load of two people and likely doing a good job of it:

Last night we went to a nice dinner on the other side of town.  On the way back there was a slow moving vehicle ahead on the road.  Traffic was slowing in front of us.  If you've been here you know slowing can happen for nearly any reason - a car making a turn, someone parked in the middle of the road, etc.  In this case, I look ahead and there's an auto trying to chug up the hill.  All of a sudden two guys jump out and start pushing it up the hill.  As we passed them, there had to be 6 people literally stacked into the back seat.

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