Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shilparamam on an Auto

The India team was nice enough to take me to Shilparamam this evening.  Even more fun is that we all piled in to an auto to get there.  5 of us crammed in.  Vikas and Naveen in the front with the driver.  Krishna, Usha and I in the back.

Shilparamam is a large park, cultural center, and market that is located near the Hyderabad office.  We spent some time checking out the cultural exhibits - things like a modeled Indian village that illustrates how people live in India.  Everything from pottery making, to milling grain with stones, to typical daily life.  I also had a guy draw a portrait of me, did some shopping, and rode on a traditional bollock (cow driven cart).

Here's some pictures from our afternoon:

Vikas and Naveen in the front seat of the auto:

Usha, me and Krishna in the back:

The Bullock ride:


Krishna driving:

I'll add more pictures later, when I get them from others.

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