Friday, September 23, 2016

Street Paan

I've had a few chances to enjoy paan this week.  It's something I'll definitely be on the lookout for once I return to San Diego.

Friday we went out to an awesome team lunch at a place that's styled as a north Indian truck stop.  Lot's of little street food-like carts where you can get things like pani puri, fried potato patties, things like that.  It was a great wrap up to our week, where we could all have some fun as a larger team.  I'll get the photo of the entire team and post it later.

Outside the restaurant, they've got a guy making street paan.  It was fun to watch this guy in action.  Lots of fun with our team enjoying an after lunch finisher:

(Vijay, Rajesh, Ram, Lakshmi, Shashi, Sulemon, me, Vijay, Sanjay, Anu, Sowjanya)

 Here's paan making in action:

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