Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ramoji Film City

Michael (my boss) and I were lucky enough to be able to stay through the day Saturday for some team time/exploring.  With Hyderabad being under so much water, especially in the old part of the city we decided to head out of town and away from the water.  Originally, the idea would have been to visit attractions like the Charminar, something I never got to see the last time I was in Hyderabad either.

The decision was to head out of town to the Ramoji Film City.  Interesting place.  Ramoji is the largest (geographically) integrated film studio/location in the world.  From a tourist perspective, one could look at it as a scaled down version of Universal Studios.  There's lots to see at Ramoji, from tours of the various sets and studio buildings, to amusement attractions, to live shows, to food.

We had a great bus tour of the grounds:

(Vikas, Michael, Surekha and Sashi)

That was followed up by some tours of various studios (for example an airplane set):

What follows here is a spontaneous encounter we had with a family from the Tamil area of India.  Note that the girl here doesn't speak any language that Surekha speaks.  She basically looked up at Surekha and wanted to be picked up.  So, Surekha picked her up and spoke with her a bit.  It was a really cute moment:


Here are some shots from the aviary and butterfly area:



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